in the past two weeks, I’ve been continuously wondering:

how does it feel to not want things?

to live comfortably, with contentment on your own nest.. without ever wondering what the big world could offer.. or what is left to be explored..

how does it feel like to not know what’s left in the store?

would life be a little bit more peaceful…?

some says, in your twenties, you might dream of abundant wealth, fame, and adventurous experience… would it be foolish for me, if all I want to be is to feel content…?

would it be too foolish for me if I do not want more things, but rather a happy, healthy, content, fulfilled family and friends…?

I know this state of mind will eventually change, or not. or even if it does take a turn of event, the chance is big enough for it to reverse..

but I guess, it’s all that I want.

to feel content.